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Is It Necessary to Always Add Freon in Every Service?

Someone may think that Freon should always be added every air-con service routine or every doing air-con maintenance routine. In fact, there is also a technician who always directs to always add Freon on each regular air-con service only to get more money. That is why you should only hire a good and honest technician like you can find on airconservicingsingapore.com/ so that you will be able to know whether it is the time to add more Freon or not.

Freon for air conditioners is essential in a closed system in a cooling cycle, namely in the pipes and the indoor and outdoor units. Freon circulation system in air con units is designed to not need to add or fill Freon any time or periodically. The Freon will not decrease if there is no leakage in pipes or air-con units.

So, Freon only needs to be filled or added if there is leakage on installation pipe or indoor unit and outdoor unit. Pipe leakage may occur due to poorly seated pipe connections, piped wording, cracked faults, or poor pipe welding.