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Causes of Miss V Smells

Some problems that women often happen are loose Miss V, to tighten again, you can use the v tight gel. In addition, other problems faced is Miss V smells unpleasant. There is no clear definition of this odour. But often women come for consultation when they feel Miss V is the unusual smell. If summarised briefly, then the cause of Miss V issued an odour is due to the following:

– Apocrine gland
The vagina may smell fishy, pungent, or sweat-like odour caused by apocrine glands in the groyne, vulva, and anal regions. This gland is also found in the underarm folds area and will be active after puberty. With the stimulation of sex hormones and stress, these glands will produce fluids that when broken down by bacteria that cause odour.

– Bacteria
The smell of fishy and pungent smell is usually pathological. Vaginal vulva infections that cause odour are Trichomoniasis and Bacterial vaginosis. This infection is accompanied by discharge of vaginal fluid and there is a sense of itching or burning. While gonorrhoea infection (GO), chlamydia infection, and candidiasis (fungi) rarely cause odour.

– Foreign object
Another cause of odour is the presence of foreign substances left in the vagina. Such as condoms, sex toys, tampons, or the use of deodorant / vaginal deodorant/lotion. In addition to smelly, this condition is accompanied by irritation and discharge of vaginal discharge.

– Malignant Cancer
The presence of malignancy/cancer in the vulva, vagina, cervical, myoma Geburt, the remnant of infected and infected tissue can also cause unpleasant odour with bloody discharge or bleeding.

– Fistulas
A rare but debilitating disorder for a female fistula. A fistula is a hole that connects to the vagina with the gastrointestinal tract or urinary tract. This will cause the vagina to smell and can remove dirt or urine. This disorder occurs due to trauma to the birth canal, cancer, or the presence of radiation of the genital area.