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Advantages of A-Frame Roof

Simply put, the A frame or saddle roof is the roof of a house which looks like a saddle horse. From various shapes and types of roofs, the saddle shape is the simplest form. The saddle shape has only two sloping sides, while the other side is a triangle wall. The slope of the roof is about 35 degrees so it can create a room in the ceiling.

The saddle roof has the absorption of radiation and heat is good. Gable saddle can be used for traditional and modern style house. So, you can simply look for an A frame house design like the Plan Collection A Frame house plans for sale, for example, and apply it to your house. In addition to simple and suitable for various types of houses, the following are some more advantages of the saddle roof:

Faster process

Simple construction makes the process of gable roofing faster. However, this simple roof can also be developed into various forms. The slope of the saddle roof can also be adjusted, be it towering or sloping. Ideally, the slope of the gable is between 30 and 40 degrees. Too sloping will make rain water cannot flow. Conversely, if this roof is too steep, it will be at risk of loose tile. However, if you insist on wanting a steep roof, you can choose a cover material reinforced with a screw and a light tile. For the beauty, you can provide accessories on the wall part of the triangle.

Few material requirements

Because the construction is simpler and the materials used are fewer, the use of the saddle roof is cheaper than other types of roof. Various materials can be used to cover this saddle roof, ranging from clay roof tiles, lightweight concrete, to metal roof tiles.

The small risk of leaking

Saddle-shaped roof has a small leakage risk. There will be no meeting of different directions of water so there will also be no gutters. However, you must carefully choose the slope of the saddle roof. If it is too gentle, rainwater may remain inundated and cause leakage.