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‘Before I Fall’: Repeating The Same Day To Be Better

‘Before I Fall’ is present in the middle of the society when the theme of the teen movie back in love. Two teenage series, 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale prove that the teenage spectacle does not always have to sadness. Sometimes they can convey a theme that is quite heavy even though the character is fully grown. The film by Ryo-Young is also trying to do the same thing. Are you going to turn into a better human being if you go through the same day continuously? Adapted from Lauren Oliver’s best-selling novel, ‘Before I Fall’ starts the film with dark shades and dark narration from the main character. Samantha Kingston is a teenage girl mostly: hates her own brother and refuses to talk to parents. This movie you can see at http://www.juaramovie.com.

‘Before I Fall’, at first glance, does fall into familiar territory. The movie is like they rearrange Groundhog Day to teenage world. The world of the main characters is also described by default: there are popular gangs, there are geeky boys, there are girls who misunderstood and strange girl who became an easy target to be bully’s material. Everything we’ve seen before in other teen films. With cool visuals and dark colors, Russo-Young manages to bring the mood of the audience into a depressive world. Russo-Young’s heavy duty is to choose a sophisticated actor so he can deliver the audience to the emotional angle he wants.