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Why Apartment Windows Have to Be Cleaned

For those of you who live in an apartment, you know that the apartment does not have many windows. Maybe there is only one side of the window that connects to the balcony. If would be a shame if the window glass that is not much of this must look dull, stained and not beautiful, especially if the stain is a black yellow spots or crusty. It will definitely spoil the beauty of the apartment. That is why you have to keep the window clean either by cleaning it yourself or hiring a professional like the Window Cleaning Services in Seattle.

Other than that, this stained glass will also affect the health. The crust that is severe and moldy will cause skin diseases because there is the possibility of itching caused by dirt. The appearance of crust and mold on the glass is generally caused by exposure to rain or hot water exposed to direct sunlight so that the moisture arises, so the glass is easily encountered by bacteria. If not immediately cleaned the bacteria will live and breed cover the glass surface.